What do you love the most about being a writer?

I love being Writer because I love discovering new worlds and because I love finding out new things about people. Writing, for me, and I know for many of you, is an unparalleled experience. It’s in our blood, haunts our thoughts both waking and dreaming, is a soul-deep drive. And it should be – it is passion that both inspires our work and empowers it. Getting to sit back and have quality time with my subconscious manifestations brings the writing to life. Sure, the character doesn’t exist for real, but for writers they do and in deeper ways then the people we know in real life because characters can’t hide their truths from us if we take the time to seek them.

What inspired me to write my book:

Years ago in Silistra, Bulgaria, I was given a Moonstone by a friend who told me it was the stone of tenderness, an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom. When I was writing The Legend of The Moonstone, I drew on numerous sources of inspiration. First there were the stones themselves. Beyond the stones, the novel was also informed by legends. Some of those influenced the book very directly while others simply reside on the bulletin board above my desk, my writing companions, as it were. Writing about The Moonstone was a great adventure.

The Book is written with great respect for the stone itself and with an understanding that the power is not just in the stone, it is in the people who possess it too. Of the end of the first book of my teen fiction trilogy, I realized that stones are as individual and unique as we are. A great deal of what anyone perceives in a stone – beyond its geologic origins and specific mineralogical properties – is intuitive rather than definitive, and specific to the stone itself.

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Brief Summary of The Legend of The Moonstone

After his participation in a top secret project, the famous teller of legends and myths, Professor of Mineralogy, Bernard Stransky, receives a present like no other – an enormous, glittering, gem. Little does he know that this legendary stone will bring with it a world of mystery and danger. The stone seems to hold strange powers beyond mere beauty, perhaps even a prophecy that travels with it. The sparkling Moonstone belongs to Professor Stransky, but he isn’t the stone’s real master. Part of the hidden heart of the mystery planet, the gem is the subject of an intense worldwide search by Upper Soulswhose ultimate duty is to find and restore the stone to its rightful place. According to their beliefs, the special and powerful stone, belongs to them and their families. That’s not quite true! The Uppers wants to possess the Moonstone only because they think they are the Better part of their tribe. They are ready to do whatever it takes them to possess the stone and for them only that matters!

Books Worth Reading:

The Moonstone have to be returned back to its guardians, but a storm of supernatural, amazing and unexpected circumstances and surprising tricks of fate follow in its wake.

  • Who is the real master of the precious sacred gem?
  • Can the stone be found and returned to its rightful masters in time to stop the mysterious forces that threaten to destroyed our human planet?
  • What is the real purpose of the stone?
  • Who is involved in the legendary prophecy and who is going to pay a incredible price because the fight for possession of the Moonstone?
  • Who Are the rest of the Sacred Stones, What are They and Where are They Hidden?
  • Why one human professor is willing to be involved in this supernatural maelstrom of myths and legends?
  • What is his role and why he is so important?,

Meggie’s classic tale of mystery and intrigue has long delighted readers seeking the truth about the legendary Moonstone

The Legend of The Moonstone is available on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and other online retailers.

Books Worth Reading: