Promote Your Book


Promote Your Book

Elite Platinum Package

 Caution, this is for serious authors only. Back by popular demand, this is the best of the best! We have combined our most in demand promotions to make a complete package for busy authors. 

Social Media Blast 

We start our promotion with a social media blast to our 300,000+ followers via Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Goodreads.

We creatively get your ebook seen 3-10 times a day, for a month! It drives a larger audience of readers to your Amazon, Goodreads, and Author website.

This is for ebooks only and is part of the Elite Platinum Package

$300 value 

 Book of the Day Feature 

You will be featured as “Book of the Day” on our website. We will feature a unique story about you as the author and a new blurb about your book for our readers to see and share. Then, we will share it with our followers and fans.

$125 value

Virtual Blog Tour

A Virtual Blog Tour is a tour online. You don’t even have to leave your home. . .

It is made up of blog stops. This is other people’s blogs. They agree on a certain date and post about you or your book. . .

This is a way to reach 100’s to 1000’s of readers.

  • 5 days
  • 5-10 tour stops
  • Excerpts/Guest Posts
  • Custom Banner & Media kit  by Elite Book Tours

$295 value 

Basic Book Trailer

If you’re looking for a new way to market and promote your book, make a book trailer! Book trailers are one of the hottest new weapons in the ongoing battle to reach potential readers.

Book trailers help authors, especially “Indies”, reach previously untapped markets of voracious readers. And the best part is…they improve your book’s discoverability.

Basic Trailer 
Includes images, text, and custom soundtrack

$295 value

The Elite Platinum Package includes all of the above promotions. The key is to keep promoting in the right way. Most people make the decision immediately to promote their book for success.

You will receive the tools you’ll need to keep the momentum going and we will do the work! If you are busy, we can make it easy for you! 

$1,015 value

Now ONLY $695

For a limited time


~Award-winning_books - Elite Book Promotion

VIP Promotion For Authors

We are often asked to provide ongoing promotion for authors that are too busy writing to worry about marketing. We take care of the heavy lifting so authors can focus on their passion and what is most important.

Social Media Blast

We do an ongoing social media blast to our 300,000+ followers via Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Goodreads. We creatively get your ebook seen 3-10 times a day. It drives a larger audience of readers to your Amazon, Goodreads, and Author website.


“Traffic has been phenomenal. I’ll certainly contact you on my next projects.”  – Cody Schlegel, Author of  “Odyssey Tale


Social Media Management of 3 Accounts

1. Goodreads – We make sure that the author has a solid Goodreads packed with bloggers and reviewers.

2. Pinterest – We use this to bring the book to color.

3. Twitter – Again we put a circle of book reviewers around the author. We build followers for the author so they can continue to self-promote after working with us.


“More really good news on the US Amazon Kindle rankings – the highest position its ever been!” -SN Weddle, Author of “It Starts With a Kiss

We offer this service as an ongoing service to significantly raise the number of fans and followers. This helps you in more than one way. More followers establishes instant credibility and clout.

I’m sure you have had the experience of being followed by someone with an obscene amount of followers and being instantly impressed.

You may have even felt honored that they followed you.

Then you may have asked, “what do they do?” You become immediately intrigued and want to know more.

That is exactly what we are aiming for. The problem is most people do not have 6 hours a day to work on their social media accounts.

$2,400 Value


“Elite Book Promotions has done everything I had hoped for. – D. J. Blackmore, Author of “Charter to Redemption.”


Social Media Facts

Your customers are spending more time on the internet than ever before. Taking advantage of the promotional power of a social media strategy increases your customer interaction and creates top of mind awareness. Your customers are online and interacting

75% of businesses use Facebook
• 3 out of 4 businesses are already utilizing social media communications
• Twitter gets more than 400,000 new users every day. (Source: Twitter Business Basics)
• LinkedIn has over 100 million members in over 200 countries and territories. (Source: Linked Press Center)
• On YouTube, over 4 million people are sharing content to at least one social network. (Source: YouTube Press Center)
• 77% of Internet users read blogs. (Source: Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2009)
• 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day. (Source: Facebook Statistics)
• 40% of companies using social media have acquired a customer through that channel. (Source: Hubspot “The State of Inbound Marketing 2010” report, )
• 90% of people search for businesses online. I can integrate your social media marketing to improve your search engine optimization, making it easy for your customers to find you.

We can save you time and get faster results. The key is to keep promoting in the right way. You will receive the tools you’ll need to keep the momentum going and we will do the work! If you are busy, we can make it easy for you!

“We have received brilliant reviews and interviews and she spent valuable time on working the content on her media pages. The whole experience was awesome. Thank you, Misha and Elite Book Productions it was worth every dollar spent.” -Pamela Hamilton, Author of “Your Invincible Power”

Our clients are consistently happy with our responsiveness, flexibility, and communication.

We will give personal attention and can stay in contact with you to let you know what we are doing. We normally give weekly statistic updates for our VIP clients.

This will be done via email. I am also willing to speak over the phone once a month if necessary.

We promote books and help VIP clients build their platforms to establish a brand, which can save you, the author, a considerable amount of time.

The idea of our promotion is to broaden the audience so the book gets seen, get reviews for the book, and find ways for the readers to get to know the author more.

All of these are to get more book sales.

We are not able to guarantee reviews but we make a consistent effort in bringing reviewers and readers to the author.

“This being my first publication I greatly appreciate it and furthermore highly recommend their service.” – Spiros Gratsias author of “The C Enigma”


Premium Social Media Management (with SEO)

• Manage 3 profiles updated with SEO for social media marketing. A choice of 3 Platforms out of Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Goodreads, Reddit, or Linkedn
• This package is ideal for a business owner who doesn’t want to “worry” about SEO social media and implementation of the comprehensive social media marketing plan.
• I will personally handle the social media marketing plan efficiently and effectively.
• This package gives you the equivalent of 30 Do-It-Yourself hours a week.
• Starting at $1,200 per month (20 hours a week @ $15.00)


“Thank you for that beautiful, insightful and moving review for “An Adventure in Mysticism.” In fact, it moved my wife to tears.”




“Misha helped promote my new book GOING BELOW THE WATER’S EDGE. An excellent promotion that helped move the marketing campaign.” – Ronald Fehribach, Author of Going Below the Water’s Edge 

“Misha has a fantastic reputation throughout the indie self-publishing industry, and therefore I knew that I made a great decision choosing her author services.” – Ben Burgess Jr., Author of the award-winning novel Monster

“Lots of activity was generated and that’s what I wanted.” – Geoffrey Saign, Author of WhipEye: WhipEye Chronicles  





Disclaimer: EliteBookPromotions is not liable for the outcome of the promotion. Results vary and there is no guarantee of book sales as a result of the promotion. EliteBookPromotions does not guarantee a Five Star review. Refunds are not available after 3 days of purchase or first promotion on a social media network and or Author/ Book site. 

31 thoughts on “Promote Your Book”

  1. I am a self published South African author of Clouds In The Wind.;
    I was assisted in my publishing by Author House, one of the vanity press institutions who deal with authors such as myself.
    Due to issues where I feel somewhat cheated by the services delivered by Author House, I have now removed control from the and have entered the Amazon Advantage programme.
    I am now seeking to partner with an institution who will assist in the promotion and marketing of the book.. A asequel is in the making as well.
    How can you assist?
    Ian Mackenzie
    Author:- Clouds In the Wind

    1. Author House did the same to me with my book ‘In God’s Cottage” I am so glad I found this site today as I just finished a romance book!

  2. Please let me know what I will get from the Elite package. Would you do the you tube based on your reading of the book? Would you rely on soft copy of the book? Please list for me as I am keen to promote my book. It has been published by Pegasus Publishers of the UK and available at most book shops and websites.

  3. We’re working on launching a digital broadcast channel, which will include a promotional series for authors including their book trailer and a host who gives an quick ‘Entertainment Tonight’ teaser intro to the trailer and ways fans can connect to the authors and publishers via their social media channels. This is all free to the authors as a ‘news channel’. Let me know how we can help you and the authors you work with!


  4. I am currently writing a children’s book and a friend is creating the art work. I am going to give all proceeds to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. This hospital has touched many lives and I want to support them so they may continue doing God’s work on earth. If you would like to help me in this endeavour I would greatly appreciate any help that you can offer.

  5. Misha,

    I am not sure how to best contact you. If you prefer another way, please let me know.

    First, thank you for following me on Twitter.

    I recently wrote my first book, and I would like to attract speaking engagements. My story is about how my perceptions evolved when I served a federal prison sentence. After being being a partner in a national law firm, founding and running a leading hedge fund, and chairing a major charity.

    It is not a finance book. It is not a prison book. It is a story about finding the good in diverse people in unlikely places.

    I am in the process of preparing a video for marketing purposes. I am impressed with your trailer portfolio in the Elite Book Promotions website. I am frustrated because, for example, everything I see to promote a speaker is a video of a talking head. Boring in the extreme. I want more. This story is about emotionally touching people. Your trailers are interesting.

    Please contact me if you have an interest in discussing this further. Any of the contacts listed below work although I suggest a reply email.

    Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to talking with you.



  6. I just purchased your Elite Platinum Package what are the next steps. Also I have already produced a trailer that you can see on my website, I am interested in all of your other services.


    Spiros Gratsias

  7. Hi, I am interested in having my 2 most recent books promoted by you. I would like to know if you think these type of books can effectively be promoted by you :)

    The first is “Encouragement From Dr. Hank” which are daily one page Encouragements that help people to feel good and create more in their Life.

    The second is “Inspiring Quotes” that are quotes that uplift and inspire others.

    They are currently self-published on Amazon. The responses have been very positive but I don’t know how to let more people know they are available.

    Thanks for your help, Dr. Hank

  8. Good morning Misha,

    My book, When Angels Die, is very difficult to promote because of the content material. In a nutshell, it is a story of life after rape. It has excellent reviews on Amazon, and has won 3 awards but it doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere. I had a publicist for a number of months, but again, it didn’t seem to work. I would be interested in knowing more about your services.

    Thanks for your time,

  9. Sounds like an excellent way to get the word out. Would like to do the full package, but–here it is–my pockets are a bit tight at present and I will definitely roll with you guys when things pick up financially.

  10. You hit the nail on the head. I’ve a book trailer video on YouTube, Facebook page, Pinterest board and website plus my 2000+ Twitter account. Still emerging from obscurity as an indie author #biblicalfiction. Making some great new contacts in the US. Bob, Cornwall, UK

  11. Am interested. Please contact me on promoting my book after you review my website. Have contracted with Royal Caribbean’s “Allure of the Seas” for 2 book signings on the biggest ship in the world December 14th based in Ft. Lauderdale Fla.

  12. Hello! Looks like you have a great service- however, it appears your shopping cart is broken. It would not allow me to put anything in it other than your book of the day $50 offer (I wanted to add several other things but it wouldn’t). As someone who sells things online, I thought you would definitely want to know I couldn’t spend all I wanted to with you!
    With heart,

  13. Firstly, thank you for your follow on Twitter.
    My 1st book “launch” has not created the hoped-for ripple, can we talk about your help with promotion please?
    It is named “A Disturbance in Time?” and is set in various locations, mainly in England. The first few chapters ‘set the scene’ in the 17th century and then accidental time travel follows on in the 20th century. A tragic ending (I hope) is a tear-jerker!
    Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

  14. I will most likely be interested in this sometime within the next year. I am on my second draft of my recently completed first novel and I am having a hard time building an audience over the Internet waves.

  15. My book will be out in about 30 days. It is a no fluff book, on how to make $1,000,000 in 3-7 years. The book is One Million in the Bank, How to Make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business Even If You Have No Money Or Experience. This is a serious work, my attempt to give back a little and maybe establish myself as an expert in showing people how to start and grow their own business. You do not need a new idea, you do not need your own money, and there is lots of free advice available to help people-SBDC, SCORE, WBC, and VOBD (all SBA sponsored), plus many private organizations. I have also written two smaller books, meant to help the target audience with original material, but also meant to funnel people to the main book. These two books are the Veterans’ Guide and the Women’s Guide to One Million in the Bank.

    I am looking at virtual tours now. My concern is that it seems most of the stops on virtual tours (not specifically yours) are for romance or other areas, not really consistent with my book. I also do not know how one knows how big a stop is, just a blogger and his/her keyboard or they have a very large following and reach. Do you use people with some level of reach or is there any checking on that.

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