Review – IA: Initiate

The sleepwalking was a “problem” for 13-year-old Naz Andersen. A padlock on his bedroom door and a room devoid of anything tangible for a teenager was not the solution. Living with his half-sister,

Meridian, in a foster home meant staying in line and avoiding trouble. The knife fight and the nightmares had made that impossible.

When Naz begins the first day of school with his friend, Ham, in the inner city of the Exclave, he is confronted with a meeting that alters the course of his life.

A husky boy with a knife. The blood. The voices. Sorting it all out meant three years of therapy with Dr. Gwen and recalling an abusive past which ended in his mother’s death.

But in a complex world where a young man feels the need to protect his 9-year-old sister, talking about his dreams and feelings through a game of “question and answer” with her sheds some light on who he truly is.

His potential is unlocked further through a monumental game of chess against the unbeatable Chess Master.

John Darryl Winston’s novel IA: Initiate explores the possibilities of the human mind through a teenage boy’s quest for the truth of his identity.

Winston threads a provoking backstory through the studies and mesmerizing demonstrations of Nobel Prize winner in physics, Dr. Cornelius Andersen, who challenges the public to accept the seemingly impossible power of the mind.

However, the world is not ready for Andersen’s groundbreaking research except for perhaps one.

Readers will revel in the private victories of a triumphant but humble hero who evolves from a victimized child to an empowered young man with the confidence to make a difference.

With the love of his sister, Meri, and a host of supporting characters in Mr. Tesla, Artie, even the intimidating teacher, Mr. Fear, Naz embarks on a journey that one cannot help but want to follow him on in searching for more answers.

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spiritual healing cover

Review – Spiritual Healing For Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

by Don Mardak


We are all capable of “awakened consciousness,” and the ability to heal.

Achieving personal mini-milestones of enlightenment rather than striving to be immediately at the apex of understanding on our quest for spiritual healing outlines Don Mardak’s book Spiritual Healing for Today, Tomorrow & Beyond. Grounding his philosophy in the studies of Christian theology, Mary Baker Eddy, Joel Goldsmith, and others, Mardak presents the evolution of mental and spiritual healing beginning with the Bible through contemporary times citing Jesus Christ as the most successful healer. His ideas build on the foundation of the thinking of those who came before, and he paves clarity with the history of healing in a coherent and relatable manner.

Healing takes many steps to achieve, and the way to enlightenment occurs in stages. Mardak not only fluently delves into familiar terms such as consciousness, divine love, meditation, transcendence, and spirituality, but he presents varied interpretations of these concepts with quotations from the Bible and other respected sources. His didactic style is tempered with well-crafted explanation of each. He targets “seekers of truth” and activates the tools necessary to comprehend a sense of higher consciousness which he describes as “life itself.”

Part 2 of the book addresses application of approaches. “Rising to a level of awareness that is above and beyond words and thoughts” must take place first before spiritual healing can take place. Mardak refers to this as “contemplative meditation” and urges that it should be practiced every day. His directives are both encouraging and inspirational to help in releasing fear, incorporating preventive measures against harmful thoughts, and embracing prayer. Finally, Part 3 provides a plethora of affirmations with the wisdom that can be tailored to any individual. Mardak insists this must not be a futile exercise in “mindless, parrot-like” thoughts, but must be honed as an art.

This realistic, non-intrusive manual elicits and taps into a motivational response to the question we all seek answers to: How can we empower ourselves to feel better? Spiritual Healing for Today, Tomorrow & Beyond adheres to previous beliefs and studies of enlightenment, but leaves the door open on the best route for each of us to discover it.

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The replacements cover

Review – The Replacements by David Putnam


It was always about the kids.
Just when Bruno Johnson believed he was safe from his past, he is ferreted out in Costa Rica and enticed to return to a world of emotional turmoil, kidnapping, and criminals. The Replacements by David Putnam puts the reader on the fast track to a dangerous mission where three young innocent lives are at stake. Former LA cop and convict, Johnson, remains true to his principles when he grants a favor to a former colleague of the Montclair Police Department and friend, Barbra Wicks, for the sake of three children who are victims of a vengeful serial kidnapping by a suspected Jonas Mabry. Bruno is the only one the kidnapper will deal with in negotiating a deal.
When Bruno saves the life of a young Jonas Mabry from a gunshot wound to the chest by his own mother, Bella, he never imagined the boy would haunt him years later and set him up as a strange payback. An ironic twist of fate pits Mabry against Johnson and the clock is ticking. Enlisting the aid of his wife, former colleagues in the police department, and even a wanted criminal (Karl Drago),
Bruno rolls the dice on whom he can trust to outwit Mabry in a cat and mouse game. Sneaking into the Sons of Satan’s clubhouse and stealing a hidden fortune becomes the only possible way to generate a quick turnaround on a ransom request, but one that will endanger everyone.
Putnam creates the ultimate protagonist in Bruno who possesses the skillful cunning of a detective but with the insider perspective and aggression of a mastermind criminal from his time served for killing his abusive son-in-law who also murdered his grandson. The tension never leaves the pages of this thriller where the lines of justice and courage are constantly pushed beyond the limits. Readers will chase Bruno to the end of a treacherous and dark journey.

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Book Review on The Journals of Bob Drifter by M.L.S. Weech

He was just a man trying to do his job. Bob Drifter took his responsibility very seriously. He watched people die; he was good at it. That was his focus and priority for hundreds of years. And there were others who did the same. They called themselves “Journeymen”.

M.L.S. Weech’s The Journals of Bob Drifter chronicles the travels of loner Robert Drifter. Not long after his arrival in Surprise, Arizona posing as a substitute teacher, some discomforting patterns begin to emerge surrounding the deaths of some of its citizens. And Detectives Richard Hertley and Kyle LeShea recognize the common factor in the deaths: Bob Drifter. The ubiquitous presence of Drifter at the scene of a tragic car accident, a fire where a dying woman might have been saved, and the mysterious termination of life support to a hospital patient is enough to stir the obsession of partners on the case and involve them in something much greater than themselves.
The novel addresses the unanswerable: What happens to us when we die? More specifically, what happens to our SOULS?

A growing tension and fear thrives among Bob and the fellow Journeymen when they realize their collection of souls has encountered a complication when one of its members goes rogue. Drisc Navin (Bob’s mentor) and a man called the Clockmaker guide the soul-collectors on a quest to seek out the traitor of their trade, Grimm, and end his creation of suffering Black Souls.

Weech takes realistic characters and places them in surreal scenarios with skillful manipulation and credibility. This novel pits “good guys” against “bad guys” yet unreels the tale through several characters cautiously revealing a protagonist who initially raises red flags at every turn, but with whom the reader empathizes and eventually cheers for in the end as he attempts to take on Death on many levels. More importantly, it evokes personal reflection on how one lives his life and speculates on the possibilities of what may come afterward.







The Tramp

(The Bound Chronicles Book 1)

 by Sarah Wathen – Review

Sarah Wathen’s novel The Tramp introduces the strange town of Buffalo Square through the eyes of misguided tourists. When the façade of quaintness quickly wears off, the family soon notices it seems deserted except for fleeting moments with a local resident. The characters fade from the narrative and the black eyes of a red-headed high school Irish girl, Candy Vale, become the center of a strange family history in out of the way Shirley County. Candy is reunited with a childhood friend, John Robinson, and together they unravel the secrets of the town’s inhabitants through mysterious motifs, intriguing old photographs, an ominous tarot reading, and the mythical waters of a Blue Spring.

The “realness” of Wathen’s teenage characters is portrayed through their hormonal territorial nature with each other and the bluntness of their language and conversations. Sam Castle is the defiant rebel with the flirtatious charm; John Robinson is the new kid on the block who is the protector of Candy, and Amanda is the brash vixen who goes after what she wants. Their curious nature reminds the reader of the vibrant emotions of youth and its secrets amidst rivalry and foreboding when an innocent Homecoming celebration goes awry on a railroad track with an unexplained death. As old wounds resurface for Candy triggered by tragedy, John is able to save her for the second time in her life.

Ancestral ties, strange dreams, and strong bonds forge the foundation of this novel. It peels back the layers of its characters chapter by chapter with all the red herrings necessary for suspense to move to an eventful epilogue.




The Hartford Inheritance - front cover - PDF

The Hartford Inheritance by Jane A. Hobden – Review

“Double Vision” takes on a sinister meaning in Jane A. Hobden’s The Hartford Inheritance. The ancestral traits of a cursed family line are evidenced again and again through the generations of more than one set of raven-haired twin sisters who fight fate for their survival.

Kitty Harmer’s life is riddled with tragedy in her young life when her twin, Sarah, is sent away for uncontrollable behavior at age 12, her father deserts the family soon after, and not long into her adult life, her mother, Charlotte, dies from cancer. Just when her life seems to be unraveling into a pit of depression, she learns she may the sole heir of a fortune in real estate left by a distant relative named Geraldine Sinclair: Belford Hall and Hartford House. Kitty leaves London and her friends to begin anew in the quaint pastoral setting of Rollesby in Norwich, England which is reminiscent of a Thomas Hardy novel of country manors filled with foreboding family portraits, hauntings, and local lore.

Sins of the father, mother, and daughter resonate in the pages of a journal Kitty discovers in the locked drawer of a desk in Belford Hall, her new home. Hobden unfurls the pieces of the genetic puzzle of Kitty’s genealogy through a series of flashbacks from the newfound journal alternating with the events of Kitty’s real-time experiences. Cross-referencing these timelines, the reader is led through some harsh revelations of what has befallen this long-suffering family with some eerie patterns emerging. Enter Sarah.

The appeal of Kitty lies in her sense of perpetual remorse over the separation many years earlier from her twin, who is finally found by the realtor in seeking the heirs of Geraldine Sinclair. The confrontation between the sisters is disastrous due to the caustic and resentful nature of Sarah, and Kitty seeks consolation in her newfound love, Charlie. In an attempt to make peace, Kitty writes a letter to her sister, hoping to mend the mistakes of the past. A chance for reconciliation seems to be at hand, but a tragic fire becomes an obstacle.

Family secrets are divulged throughout the lineage either through whispered rumors, the pages of the mysterious journal, or subtle strange occurrences. Predictability, however, goes out the window when Hobden is able to throw a few curve balls into the remaining pages. A fascinating read for anyone with the curiosity to climb the limbs of a family tree, but who is equally prepared to deal with what is discovered within its branches!

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Kiss cover _Layout 1

It Starts with a Kiss Review

 Step inside Jennifer Green’s dull and uneventful middle-aged life and emerge on the other side with a renewed sense of purpose and vivacious perspective of your own life! S. N. Weddle’s It Starts with a Kiss is reminiscent of It’s a Wonderful Life, Prelude to a Kiss, and City of Angels all wrapped neatly into a uniquely passionate and energetic tale of a journey to second chances.

Weddle taps straight into the pulse of emotions and the question everyone contemplates in life: Am I making the right decision? The protagonist, Jennifer Green, faces this for a fleeting moment on the day of her wedding when she is kissed by a stranger, only to be revisited by the same question 25 years later when she contemplates suicide as a remedy for her seemingly monotonous and insignificant life. Doubting her husband Greg’s fidelity and dwelling on her own deficiencies, she unsuccessfully attempts to take her own life, allowing fate to decide where her life should go next. That is when it all unexpectedly…starts with the kiss of a hobo in a diner who promises her a second chance in return.

The hobo delivers, and Green’s identity and life are transformed instantly. Green’s newfound freedom and clean slate offer a refreshing opportunity for her to speak her mind with all the wisdom of her former self, to be the center of attention as a beautiful young woman, and to engage in relationships she only dreamed of including an insightful friendship with her own grown daughter, Elaine. However, the looming question, “Am I making the right decision?” still seems to haunt the newly-evolved Jennifer “Gold,” and despite her best intentions, she encounters the same issues of loyalty and purpose that she wrestled with before, but now they are obstacles on her way to success and fame.

The engaging twists of coincidence and the fateful meetings of strangers serve as a catalyst for readers to ponder their own “What ifs?” of their lives after the epilogue has long been closed. It is also an encouraging testimony of the power of putting to action the attitude of “to thine own self be true,” just in case there is no hobo looking out for us.


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A Disturbance in Time cover picture

A Disturbance in Time?: A novel to transport you across both time and space along with the characters – Review

 “A Disturbance in Time?” by Ron Jayes is a riveting novel that will keep you turning the pages. A great first effort by the writer takes on a complex subject, time travel, but holds your attention thanks to all of the descriptive detail and interesting characters.

 It starts out in 1668 and then flings forward to 2004 briefly, before returning to 1989 for most of the story. Three different timelines follow as many sets of characters. The chapters are laid out in an interesting way as if they were more like diary entries.

 What do poor peasants and witch hunters in a small town in the 1600s, computer geeks in the early 21st Century and a couple of mysterious shipwreck survivors from 80s have to do with each other? Read this book and find out.

The sequence of events and how they are perceived depending on who is the observer can be challenging in this book. But the way the exposition is written it is easy enough to follow and very engrossing. Each chapter will leave you anxious to find out what happens next.

 The story itself is fast-paced and edited like some of the best TV and mind-bending, thriller movies as well. Once you start to read it, you will not want to put it down. But, each chapter is self-contained enough that you can digest it in smaller bites if you wish.

 This novel will satisfy both fantasy and science fiction readers with more than a touch of romance through the ages. It successfully combines a period piece with time travel and some of the supernatural as well.

 Weighing in at 350-plus pages this novel is worth the read. The chapters are short and fast-paced. Although some of the grislier scenes are described in very graphic detail, they are nothing worse than some of the more popular shows on television today. This would be great for book clubs too. There is something for both men and women to enjoy here. I was left wanting even more, hope to see a sequel in the near future.

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Book for promo

  Delight Customers and Outsmart the Competition in 9 Easy Steps –

Review – 5 Stars

 “The Customer Conundrum: 9 Crucial Steps for Winning Customers and Outsmarting Your Competition” by Gary L. Smith show’s you how to take your companies customer service to the next level. The author gives real-world examples of both good and bad customer service based upon his own experiences and those submitted by others.

 The “Conundrum” is the gap between what companies provide as customer service and what customers actually receive. This book shows how to close that gap with an actionable formula. Through numerous customer service stories business people can learn how to get this right every day.

 One great example of top-notch customer service involved an experience with Apple the author had when he broke his iPhone. Apple resolved his issue in the best possible way by both delighting and surprising the customer. This goes a long way to help explaining why Apple is one of the world’s largest and most successful businesses. The author does a great job using real-life examples many of us are familiar with and delivers them as teachable moments.

 Customer service is not necessarily something that a businessperson understands instinctively how to deliver. But, a customer on the receiving end almost always recognizes when it is good or bad. How can someone master great service delivery? Luckily it can be learned and the author has created a nice formula developed on the job in one of his key employment experiences as an engineering head at a medical products business.

 Find out what the “Optech Model” is and how it became the foundation of Smith’s work. Learn about the “Golden Core” and why it should be the goal of every business. You will get to know all three sections of the model and its nine facets. This proven formula can help turn your customers into advocates for your business. The value of that kind of testimonial can be measured in goodwill, happy customers for the long term and even more business.

 The appendices are as important as the main chapters of this book and should be both read and studied. They explain the “Optech Model” and its nine vertices in even more detail.

 In about 100 pages you will learn what great customer service is and how to deliver it. It is time well spent based upon the knowledge you will gain. Get your hands on this book now and leave your competitors in the dust.

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The Stolen Dragon of Quanx: The Eyes Trilogy

by Becca Mann


The Stolen Dragon of Quanx: The Eyes Trilogy by Becca Mann. This is the first book in the Trilogy and the first book published by Becca Mann. Setting aside the accomplishments of publishing a book at the tender age of 16, the author did an excellent job of creating and developing a fantasy world and then inviting the reader into the story, almost immediately.

Her strengths are in the development of the adventures and mysteries.  She lays a path of subtle clues that are woven throughout each page and each chapter that creates excitement and anticipation as you follow the key characters on their adventure. I was captivated by the presentation and the complexity in which she was able to weave the plots together in a suspenseful way.

This is a great book for teens and pre-teens who love fantasy and adventure. She does a fantastic job of creating twists and unexpected results throughout the book and there are a number of surprises in the end, which are played out extremely well.

The book is set in a fantasy world, with a group of teens that are trying to save their world from war. There are four tribes which include tribes of both humans and dragons. The people in the novel are uniquely identified by their eyes, which is an interesting concept that is developed over the course of the book. The main characters Kale and Sawyer must learn to work together and make well thought out decisions in order to accomplish their goals and steal the dragon egg. This leads to a series of unexpected adventures as they brave the unknown to save their world.

At the end of the book I was definitely ready for the next in the series. I expect over time the author will become an incredible writer, given the high quality she has produced for her first novel, at such a young age.

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N.E. Brown’s novel Carson Chance, P.I.:

Over the Edge 

 Chances are plentiful but challenging for wayward 17 year-old Amy Warren who runs away from a wretched life of abuse into the unsuspecting arms of a Vietnam vet and loner, Carson Chance, P.I., who only has room in his heart for one. N.E. Brown’s novel Carson Chance, P.I.: Over the Edge provides the familiar nuances of initial exciting attraction between strangers which only escalates. In offering an innocent ride to Amy on his motorcycle, Carson feels obliged to follow through on helping her establish a clean slate in Dallas, Texas. However, when his instincts provoke him to do a background check on her, he discovers she is wanted for murder. His guilty conscience and interest in her leaves the door open for him to focus on vindicating her.

The sexual magnetism and comfort of their on again-off again relationship trepidatiously evolves over several years to the promise of a committing relationship through the complexities of dysfunctional families, an arrest for murder, haunting post traumatic syndrome, threats from the Mafia, death, and rehabilitation. Brown presents the dominance of the doting private investigator in Carson who cares for the naïve Amy and  juxtaposes it by the end with the strength of a transformed woman who has joined the ranks of the local police department and in pursuit of a law degree and ultimately a troubled Carson’s heart.

On the outskirts of the romance there are some tender moments in the friendship Amy develops with her 75 year-old landlord, “President Thomas Jefferson” who looks on her as a daughter, and gives her some prophetic advice, “Make it count now…you only get one chance in life.” This comes at a time of renewal for the young woman who tries to convince herself she must move on from Carson. Brown also attempts to create some tension in the sibling rivalry between Carson and his brother, Colton, which adds to the story. Overall the novel will provide an escape for a casual and relaxing read.

E. Brown’s Carson Chance, P.I.: Over the Edge shares the story of two individuals who embark on the tortuous and sometimes uncomfortable journey of facing personal demons from the past, confronting the criminals of the present, and fighting the intimidating possibility of a fruitful future with the one they love. Both seek some semblance of emotional stability by being apart, but find that  sometimes circumstances beyond their control take hold and cast them in situations and places which only serve to solidify them. And sometimes that is fate’s reward.

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Front Cover Death of a Diva

Death of a Diva: From Berlin to BroadwayReview


A tightly woven murder mystery which leads the reader down some dark and perpetual labyrinthine corridors of pre-WWII Europe, Death of a Diva: From Berlin to Broadway begins with the sensational murder of celebrated actress Stella Berger across the backdrop of New York City in 1941. There is urgency in the early pages when the narrator, Artemisia Safran, is plucked from her shock and dismay over her idol Miss Berger’s tragic death and finds herself as the center of the police interrogations in their pursuit of the murderer.

Safran seems a bit distant and inaccessible in the early part of the story, but as her direct involvement in the murder of Berger is dismissed, she becomes emotionally involved with the unraveling of the suspects, and it is through her lens the reader is carried on an investigation that enters into a deceptive world of Nazis, anti-Semitism, prostitution, homosexuality, and finally, Hollywood. The historical impact of events leading up to WWII create an inauspicious foundation for the characters who cross paths in their acquaintances with Stella in a tenuous Europe before her rise to stardom.

Brigitte Goldstein’s acuity for delving into the motivations and intentions of her characters is methodical and calculated. Although at times the dialogue seems stiff and contrived, Goldstein’s ability to vividly portray the tension of the police interviews conducted by a somewhat bumbling team of Mulligan and Dettelbach propel the atmosphere of intrigue while Safran remains to assist as an interpreter for suspect interviews.

The vagrant violinist Viktor who views Stella as a goddess, the imposing presence of Stella’s constant shadow, Ulla Scholz, and the overtly flamboyant husband, Alexander/“Sasha,” each have a story to tell. And with each disclosure, Goldstein provides the details of clandestine relationships and collaborations that are inextricably mingled with Stella and in turn reveal plausible motive. Even the anti-heroic attorney (and Safran’s lover), Curtis Wolff, is not excused from the “Clue”-like revelations that will keep readers turning pages.

Death of a Diva captures the essence of the murder-mystery genre from murder, to interviews, to trial and finally the discoveries which heighten the awareness of how the American Dream can become a path to betrayal and death.

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Shepherd Book

Learn how to find life’s “nuggets of gold” in 7 easy steps -Rated 5 Stars

 “The Shepherd and the Princess: 7 Keys to Conquering the Goliaths in Your Life” by Gary L. Smith will help you set and achieve your most important goals. Smith shows you the 7 keys in 10 chapters and 5 appendices. This book is to be read and studied carefully. There are questions at the end of each chapter to check your learning. And it is structured around the biblical story of “David and Goliath.” Although it is written from a Christian perspective, it is intended for all readers.

 You will learn about the author’s early life and the impact his mentors had on him. His favorite childhood story was “David and Goliath” and he looked to other male role models that were like the protagonist. He explains the importance of mentoring and why those relationships will help you achieve what you really want out of life. A key part of mentoring is “paying it forward,” meaning you need to share what you have learned with others to complete the experience and carry on a great tradition. Smith presents the backstory behind “David and Goliath” to help lay the groundwork for a deeper understanding of the lessons taught in this book. The “Personal Development Assignment” questions at the end of each chapter are framed around what was presented and how that applies to the reader’s life.

The core biblical story is covered in depth verse-by-verse to highlight the important details and apply them to the modern world. This method makes it easier to understand the ancient text and also creates interest for the reader. How a simple shepherd boy becomes a hero and marries a princess encourages one to dream big and make those dreams come true.

 The last chapter sums up the “7 Keys to Conquering the Goliaths.” They can be used in both your life and business dealings to help you get what you want to achieve.  Appendices one through four walk you down the “Pathway to your dreams” by giving the structure step-by-step put your learning into practice. The final appendix provides biblical verses important to the book.

 Although the book is not overly long and can be finished in one sitting, it is important that the reader spend enough time on each chapter to both internalize the information and be able to answer the questions at the end. Acquire this book soon and get on the path to manifest your life’s dreams into reality.

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*****5 Stars*****

Review of Humanity’s Way Forward

 In A Nutshell

 As deftly as Seth Mullins’ words play music the reader can hear, so, too, does his insightful writing allow us to viscerally relate to the personal evolving of his protagonist and the band who choose to fly in the face of lucrative certainty, equating the tried-and-true to veritable death. Humanity’s Way Forward is a leisurely denouement of the story begun in Edge of the Known and continued in What Casts the Shadow.
Traditionally, deep universal truths are distilled into a few words. Nirvana sang “All in all is all we are.” Some Greek philosopher advised: Know thyself. It is easier to visualize a banquet table of Food if I mention candlelight on grapes, sizzling baron de boeuf, a quivering Charlotte mousse. Just so, but without purple prose, Seth Mullins cracks out these ‘in-a-nutshell’ wisdoms, as his fictional band rises like a comet, imparting what was within them to impart. Achieving fame is one thing; what to do next is quite another, not to mention the juggling in between.

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4 Stars

Book Review for ~A.O. Comerford

The Cold Turkey Chronicles:

Quit quitting and just quit smoking

Make your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking a reality

“The Cold Turkey Chronicles: Quit quitting and just quit smoking” by A.O. Comerford gives just the right push to end your nicotine addiction. The author takes you by the hand through the crucial first 20 days of your journey. It is to be read at the start of each day and is loaded with encouragement. The author speaks from experience as a heavy smoker who tried repeatedly to quit for years. On a fateful New Year’s Eve, while contemplating how to end their bad habit one last time, they came up with the idea of chronicling the experience to share with others.

By setting a hard date in the future and working toward it, a smoke-free life is in reach according to the book. “Day One” is the hardest, psychologically, to complete without smoking. The habit is still fresh and nicotine is in your system. The author recommends changing other habits simultaneously, such as sleep patterns and avoiding triggers linked to smoking like coffee. Nicotine withdrawal is the dominant theme of the first few days. The author recommends keeping this book close at hand and referring to it often for a psychological boost to keep the physical side effects of not smoking at bay. Comerford assures the reader that each day gets better and presents possible scenarios that one may encounter along their journey. Luckily solutions and encouragement are handed out in equal measure.

Towards the end of the first week habit raises its ugly head and the reader is warned not to try and reason with it. The author reminds one to notice how wonderful the missing taste or smell of smoke and ash is now. The physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal should subside by the seventh day. Do not become complacent, as there are no days off in this process. During the second week you will start to forget about smoking, but the author warns not give in to temptation. Beware of the negative influence of other smokers and stay the course.By “Day Seventeen” you can declare yourself a non-smoker, even though you may still think about smoking half the time. At the end of each of the first three, full, smoke-free weeks the author calls for a celebration before retiring. A reward of wine, beer or chocolate is recommended at the end of the day for not smoking.
Once the first month is completely smoke-free, you can look at a new way of living without relying on nicotine. The author recommends keeping this book handy to refer back to for inspiration and support when needed. This book is just the right length and a personal, engaging read. It is written in a conversational style that is pleasing. Get your hands on Comerford’s helpful tome and join the ranks of healthy, non-smokers in no time.

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5 Stars

10 Stacks To Success was captivating to read. The book presents some very interesting ideas around achieving success and reaching goals. It is a book that you want to read through the first time, just to get the key ideas and then work your way through a second time completing the exercises and integrating the ideas into your daily routine. This step by step guide is very actionable and can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

10 Stacks is basically 10 central ideas around finding success. The ideas are sound and well researched. He covers building a foundation for success, being positive, and changing behaviors. Then he covers the topic of allowing yourself to dream big and surrounding yourself with successful people who will build you up rather than discourage you. Fighting fear that paralyzes us. He talks about understanding money and creating a situation where it does not control you. Increasing your creativity, managing your actions and experiences. Each section offers stories, exercises and descriptions to make his point. The central idea is that you have control over your life and your behavior. In order to reach your potential you need to make changes in your life that will lead to you reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

The writing style is easy to read, although there are many times when he is really in your face. The aggressive language is not really needed and if you can look past it, you will not be offended. It is definitely not written with political correctness in mind.

Some of the ideas have been presented by others in authority on the topic of success.  His style and exercises are unique, relevant and useful. If you struggle with “feeling stuck” or have trouble reaching goals and changing things in your life then this is a must read.

Trust in the Unseen jpeg

Trust in the Unseen

(The Edge of the Known Book 2)  

– Sculpting the Nebulous – 

Rated 5 Stars

Sculpting the Nebulous
It is a bonus to have read the first book (What Casts the Shadow) because in the continuing story (Edge of the Known, book 2) familiar characters are instantly recognized as if met in the flesh. 
However Book 2 begins with a crisis, no rehashing or resting on laurels for this author—or his protagonist. All of the characters have advanced and do advance along their own trails. Seth Mullins’ lean clean accessible prose vividly depicts the nebulous: music, emotion, the erupting into adulthood by the adolescent, anger, grief and guilt, time, and who are we, anyway?  
Using sharp swift imagery and switchbacks along the ‘edge of the known,’ Mullins manages to control the reins of this unpredictable, deep, ambitious work and bring it to a surprising and utterly fulfilling finish. It seems that the world we make is illusion, pure energy, yet paradoxically and equally real and dear, a demanding game for those who come to play.


Going Below The Water’s Edge Review- Engrossingly Thought Provoking – Rated 4.5

Going Below the Water’s Edge covers some very deep and interesting topics. The idea of an immortal soul is not new, but really diving into the topic is unique. His introduction talks about an iceberg and how most of the iceberg is submerged below water. Transferring that concept to the idea that this earth life, as we know it, is only the tip of the iceberg from an eternal perspective is a strong start to the story.

He covers the topic of the immortal soul and discusses reincarnation at length. There are a lot of intriguing ideas about what reincarnation is and how it is defined by different religions. The book creates thoughtful consideration that maybe our lives are bigger than we think. Perhaps we have more to live for than just what is available in this life.  Perhaps we have existed before we were born and bring a lot more to the table than we give ourselves credit for.

Being a philosopher myself, I really enjoyed the topic and the ideas that were presented. I found myself engrossed in the experiences immediately. It was beyond riveting to glimpse such a rich world of splendor, below the surface of the conscious mind. To see the power of the subconscious mind at work, and to have it documented so thoroughly was truly mind blowing.

He presents this as his personal journey, and recounts hypnosis sessions that were used for self-discovery. Most of the book is conversations he has with Dr. Larmore, the hypnotist.  Overall it was a fascinating subject matter and I highly recommend it, especially for seekers of greater knowledge.

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What Casts the Shadow front

What Casts The Shadow – Bright Current Fiction – Rated 5 Stars

It can be difficult, figuring out how to construct a complex story without requiring patience from a reader—not so for Seth Mullins. His lean clean prose rushes along clear as a stream spilling down a mountain, sparkling over rocks, catching in ruts, diving into dark depths. As a parallel, just as controlled by circumstances is protagonist Brandon Chane, by his drunk father, his motherless young sister and his explosive reactions to it all. It hardly helps when a staunch volunteer ‘teacher’ insists that he is traveling through the landscape of himself so there is nothing to fight.
What Casts the Shadow is bright current fiction, young men forming a band whose music is meant to free listeners and themselves, and the road trip to get established. It is also a fine handbook on empowerment, recalling our most vulnerable years and hinting usefully on things that still stymie us.
The author is a writer’s writer who respects the craft and has honed his skills to respect the reader—as well as delight, surprise and satisfy. Rated a ‘six’ out of five stars.      

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 Reporting Lives Review – Vividly Poignant –  Rated 4.5 Stars

The author, Debra Pickett, portrays in “Reporting Lives” the colossal despair of a country plagued with their entrenched issues of poverty and grief, while ironically producing vivid characterizations of grace and beauty in its people.
A horrific highway accident is usually routine work for American TV reporter, Sara Simone, but when she follows up a young fatality back to the family to the slums of Kenya she finds another planet. As she opens the view to the world of the grieving victims, she opens more inside herself than she ever anticipated.  Sara finds her usual role of detached observer becoming nearly impossible, as their hearts and stories bleed into her own. She walks away to get perspective and to find that elusive something she has lost along the pursuit of a more successful career. You will have to read it to see for yourself, what she finds in your journey.
This book goes beyond the stereotypes of another doom and gloom story with a happy action-packed ending like that of  an American movie. The authenticity is rich and wise beyond it’s surface, with many undercurrents of theme that haunted me at night with subtle perplexities of plot. The beginning of the book hooked me in and I felt obliged to follow the bait. Well done!


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Alphabet City Review—Achingly Brilliant – 5 Stars

     If it does take 20,000 hours to master a talent, writer David Clive Price passed that milepost awhile back. Rather than belabor a plot we have all seen done-to-death, he portrays, with few quick exact strokes, as if by the best impressionist painter, characters we would recognize on the street and situations probably unknown to us, but which echo deep inside a bittersweet poignancy from—somewhere, sometime.
     ‘Shabby, rather staid, but brilliant’ Peter catapults himself from a high-minded fortress of a life and bizarre murder charge, pursued by his Harpy wife who intends to cash in. He lands in Alphabet City, a derelict section of NYC bounded by streets named for letters of the alphabet. There he continues to free fall, landing repeatedly on his own soft underbelly, but progresses nonetheless toward self-awareness: “Three or four important decisions are made by the age of 30; thereafter only the results repeat.”
     The author’s astonishing imagery alone could carry this work. It is a headlong-fast, riveting read—if you aren’t too finicky about propriety or afraid of encountering demons of your own.



4.5 Stars
Spiros Gratsias braids the beginning of this story and clearly and cleverly ‘cuts’ (changes scene) to insure a reader’s interest and easily convey complexity.
The C Enigma uses well-known figures’ roles in history to take an oblique overview of WWII, seeing this hideous era as a cog in a pattern stretching far, far back behind us, ‘us’ being the human race. 
The inner core of the story is present-day. Matthias Adkins finds a relic of his childhood, his book Treasure Island and the ‘secret code’ game created by his deceased beloved grandfather—along with a damning photograph.  Is this his grandfather’s father in the uniform of Hitler’s most powerful aide?
Matthias follows the trail to enlightenment set up by his grandfather. What is personal obligation to truth and decency in times of oppression? ‘We employ monsters to protect us from true evil,’ so it seems, but he is assured, ‘your true strength comes when you need it.’  It is an addictive, and thought provoking read similar to “The Davinci Code”, that will leave you questioning crucial aspects of your own life.  Do not miss this adventure.


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Manipulator Review – Takes Off Like a Maserati – 5 Stars

Mix equal parts: Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, film noir, futuristic-techno-fads. Blend on ‘puree.’  This book takes off like a Maserati, and if you are initially confused, don’t blame the author’s crisp style or piercingly droll wit.
This is a ringside seat to power struggles (read: cock fights) among vivid characters who force today’s marketing trends (like reality shows) fastest and furthest into the absurd, and devil take the hindmost.  Whether you are a dirty old man, slick young innovator, or simple informed citizen cringing from life lived increasingly exposed, you won’t be able to look away from bared truths, blazingly imaginative future technology, or refuse the sexual bonbons and crudités titillation served up along the way.
Jack Vance’s rough, parentally-sterile, technologically-progressive childhood taught him the alchemy of ‘twisting little facts into new truths,’ making him a super player in power marketing.   He is the protagonist, nicknamed The Manipulator because he can lift anyone’s skirts—but is he a hero?  

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Through personal anecdotes, inspirational quotations by well-known people, and basic affirmations, Your Invincible Power takes the reader on an encouraging journey toward embracing an optimistic approach to life with focus on elimination of negative influences, visualizing desires, and exercising positive actions. The energy and enthusiasm of its writers for their topic is apparent, and the introduction affirms the intention for the book is to share this positive knowledge and direction with others. It has an accessible message for most readers who are seeking to see the glass as half full. Fans of The Secret will recognize many parallels with concepts regarding “The Law of Attraction”.

I found this book helpful in redirecting my thoughts to enhance the experience of the day. After reading the stories, I decided to give it a try. I noticed a change in perspective and an overall ease during my normal activities. There is something to this and I would recommend reading this book and trying it for yourself. You might be surprised.





Meglena Ivanova’s, The Legend of the Moonstone is sure to entice and enchant a wide audience of fantasy lovers. What is this legend? Mineralogy Professor Stransky has been riveting his students with the story of the sacred Moonstone for years, weaving a tale somewhere between fact and fiction. While transporting the listeners to other worlds of magic, wonder, and often imminent danger, he has no idea what is igniting within his precious stone. Although, he is a believer of the legend, he is not prepared for what happens next. Lives around him start to transform in supernatural and unbelievable ways, but he knows what must be done. What unfolds is unpredictable and enticingly surreal.
The characters are well developed, believable, and menacing. It is the perfect balance of dark terror and unfaltering love. This story is beautifully written and displays a complex story within a thrilling adventure. Throughout the book, the author conveys a passion for the sacred stone and the relation to our own human emotions. A thrilling story of Legend and Love that I would highly recommend.

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In 1997 the author started documenting his dreams, starting with the first dream he could remember. He remembers at the age of 3, how his home was demolished and he was sent to a 24 hour kindergarten. He was in the care of nannies and was threatened for wetting his bed. This was his first dreams.
As he documents his dreams, he starts seeing certain patterns. He refers to types of dreams, and the levels of dreaming. His studies become even more profound as he practices Sleep Yoga. When he experiences a period of insomnia, he decides to make the most of his practices. He begins to remember more and recalls a time, as a young boy, when he unintentionally experienced an out of body experience during a high fever. His dreams take on even deeper qualities as he explores, lucid dreams, out of body, akashi records, and more frequent prophetic dreaming. Is it possible to become clairvoyant through dream study? He answers this and more.
The story covers ways of improving consciousness and exercises to move forward in dream study.
There was so much information in this book that informs the reader of the unlimited potential of dreams and consciousness. I was impressed by the depth and abundant knowledge this book contains. It is a book I would recommend if you want to increase awareness of self.

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Anyone who has ever had their heart ripped open by someone they loved will relate to this character. Kenny, a kind and generous guy, seems to be there for everyone, especially Bri. Kenny and Bri have dated for nine months and he thinks she is the one he wants to marry. One early morning phone call changes everything. Kenny has given Bri all of himself and gets a harsh goodbye in return. She tells him it is over. He tries to retrieve the pieces of his heart. He is left incomplete and wanting revenge.

A part of him is lost and he begins to embody his dark half, hurting others to force them into knowing the pain that matches his own. He becomes what he has detested the most. He becomes the Monster. When he realizes it, it is too late to take back the damage that he has caused.

I wanted to hate this character, but could only love him more, as he became a part of me. This is a raw, honest, and gut wrenching ride. However, this story is moving. It takes the reader to places of deep desire, longing, love, shame, guilt, and betrayal. It leads you to the door of forgiveness. Then, it returns you safely to love and compassion. It is a rich experience of being fully human. I highly recommend this book.

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Jill Braedon is trapped in a blizzard with her unconscious daughter Valerie, after the van she is driving breaks down. She tries to escape on a snowmobile, but it breaks down after three miles, forcing her to walk in the blinding snow with her daughter in her arms. While trying to fight the imminent attack that is taking over her body, she walks as far as she can. Eventually, the attack starts to take over and she is left with no other choice. She must send her five year old into the storm alone. Forced to run for her life or die, Valerie bravely faces the worst to try and find help. The story unfolds with one shocking turn after another, enlightening us with more complex character details. The characters are lovable, terrifying, horrid, and intense. Paced at breakneck speed, the storyline is a fusion of suspense thriller and paranormal mystery —with a little romance thrown in the mix. Stolen documents, lost research murders, a disappearance, and mystery assignments propel this ambitious thriller by Jamie Eubanks. There are not enough stars to celebrate the excellence in this debut novel. I disappeared into this story from the first word.

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